FARO® Scanner Freestyle3D X

The FARO® Scanner Freestyle3D – The smart handheld 3D laser scanner for professionals

FARO<sup>®</sup> Scanner Freestyle<sup>3D</sup> X

Software for the FARO® Freestyle3D

The FARO Freestyle3D comes with two software applications. SCENE Capture, which is installed on the tablet to record and visualise the capturing of 3D data and SCENE Process, which processes the captured 3D data when capturing is completed. Both software applications interface perfectly and ensure the best scanning results. Classic FARO SCENE software is also included with the Freestyle3D.

SCENE Capture

SCENE Capture

The SCENE Capture software application is specifically designed for usage on tablets. It features a real-time capturing visualisation and a high detail, colorised operator feedback. The structured user interface will automatically display only those commands and features you intuitively need while capturing data with the Freestyle3D. The software application is engineered for low level processing to leave you plenty of processing capacity for capturing 3D data

SCENE Process

SCENE Process

The SCENE Process software application is a powerful processing software, specifically designed for operation on workstations. The main focus of SCENE Process is to handle the captured data, improve the scan quality automatically and provide the operator best results in 3D data. The user interface incorporates the same intuitive design approach and also gives inexperienced users a way to receive the best 3D data easily.


FARO SCENE is 100% compatible with SCENE Process or point cloud capturing of SCENE Capture. SCENE processes and manages scanned data efficiently and easily by using automatic object recognition and scan registration and positioning. SCENE can also colorise scans. This point-cloud software for scanners is extremely user-friendly and generates high-quality data in no time.

Now scanned data can be easily shared worldwide with project partners using FARO’s cloud-based hosting solution SCENE WebShare Cloud. 

Supported Languages

FARO knows the value of localised software applications. Therefore FARO Capture, FARO Process and FARO SCENE are essentially delivered with the following language packs: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese


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